LISTEN: Wisconsin Police Raise the Bar on the National Lip-Sync Challenge

LISTEN: Police in Wisconsin Raise the Bar on National Lip-Sync Challenge, Jim & Teri Share What has Everyone Talking about It

Have you heard about the lip-sync challenge being issued by police departments to other law enforcement officials all across the country? It's been gaining steam after it started in Texas, and highlights officers basically lip-syncing to a popular song, while driving around in a squad car. Each...
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Jim and Teri

LISTEN: Tom from Poynette sings "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" on Opening Day 2018

The opening day of major league baseball has arrived -- and for me, it is just one more sign of spring! I am actually a big baseball fan, and my love for the Milwaukee Brewers started years ago, when my parents would take us to a game or two at the old County Stadium every summer. I also became a...
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Billy Joel Sang With Who?

Some folks forget, that Kevin's got some pipes! Video of Billy Joel and Kevin Spacey - New York State Of Mind Video Categories: 94.9 WOLX
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How To Enter Our Miami Getaway!

Still not sure how to enter our Miami Giveaway! Here's a step-by-step for you!
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