LOOK: Designers Unveil $700 Dress That Looks Like Laundry Bag

I didn't think that fashion and beauty trends could get worse this year, but I was wrong. And seeing as though we still have just under two months left in 2017, I am almost afraid to see what else could come out. Some of the worst things we've seen this year were the $400 jeans with faux mud on...
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New Fashion Trend: Lace Shorts For Men Are Here!

This week, an Instagram account (named Sparkie Baby Official) uploaded a photo that has caused quite a stir. It shows men wearing pastel pink, blue, and green lace belted shorts. They say LaceyShors for men have arrived.
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Online Shoppers Are Buying Crocs Like Crazy!

Guys, we’re going through some kind of weird epidemic right now! According to a resale website named thredUP , used Crocs are super hot item right now. In fact, they say that Crocs sell 58% quicker than any other product on their site. So why are tons of people are all of a sudden wanting a pair of...
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