12 Days of Christmas Give-aways on McGaw in the Morning #3

LISTEN: 12 Days of Christmas Give-aways (or what's in Jolly Jim's sack?) #3

Day 3 of our "12 Days of Christmas Give-aways" on McGaw in the Morning! We've joked about the great toys for big kids we are giving away (seriously, we have gifts like an ipad, Apple Watch, even a flight to Vegas), and how I accidentally called our gifts in Jolly Jim's sack, "adult toys." Whoops...
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Study: Kids Who Use Touchscreen Devices Sleep Less at Night

Parenting can be hard sometimes. It can be even harder when you have a little one who can't seem to go to sleep or sleep through the night. According to a new study, something you may be letting them use for entertainment may be a big part of their sleep issues. Any guesses? Here's a hint: it also...
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