Roads Due to Flooding

Roads Closed Due to Flooding Across WOLX Listening Area

Roads are closed across the WOLX listening area! Here's the list as of 6:30 am Tuesday: CROSS PLAINS Significant flooding across all areas of Village of Cross Plains and surrounding areas – AVOID THE AREA All roadways into and around this area are closed, including: Highway 14 Highway P Highway KP...
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Why You Need to Protect Your Dog's Paws in the Heat

If you think the summer heat and humidity are hard on you just imagine your pets feel. You probably don't think twice before taking your dog out for a walk in this heat because they need to get their exercise and go to the bathroom, but something as simple as going for a walk can cause a lot of...
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Simmer Down! Your Car's Air Temperature Display Isn't Accurate

Go ahead. You can tell that friend of yours who just posted a Facebook photo of the temperature screen in their car that they’re wrong. Every summer there’s that friend who posts a photo of the temperature being displayed on their car to complain about the heat. Well, it turns out they’re posting...
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