LISTEN:  Skinny Jeans? Hoodies? When do men start dressing for their age? The results of a new survey are in, and the findings are pretty funny.

LISTEN: Hoodies? Skinny jeans? When do men start dressing for their age?

If you are hoping for a change (or at least an update?!) in wardrobe after his next big milestone birthday, you may be out of luck. The odds your husband or boyfriend will finally get rid of his skinny jeans, baseball hats, or puka-shell necklace -- isn't good. According to a new study, men start...
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Study: More and More Men Are Adopting Cats

Owning a cat has historically been a thing for women. In fact, I have had some girlfriends that would not date a guy if he cat. They thought it just seemed wrong for a man to have a cat. I think it's cool when a man has a cat. So if you're on “Team Cat” like me, you'll be happy to know that cat...
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