It's Now Trendy to Stick a Cheeseburger Over Your Soda Straw & to Share a Photo (Seriously)

This trend makes us disgusted with the internet. Yet, we're intrigued. In fact, we can't admit that we won't be trying it sometime soon. Apparently, people in Japan are putting their soda straw throw a cheeseburger. Then they rest the cheeseburger on the soda lid. Yes, of course, they're sharing...
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McDonald's Invents a Fork Made of French Fries

Go into your kitchen and throw out all of the silverware that you currently own because McDonald's is about to revolutionize the fork industry. They've just introduced the " frork ." The frork a fork that is partly made of French fries. It was invented so that people would be able to fully enjoy...
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8-year-old Learns to Drive on YouTube and Heads To McDonald's

I guess when you want a cheeseburger you'll do anything to get one. I can only joke about this because no one got hurt when an 8-year-old Ohio boy took the family car to the local McDonald's. Apparently, he wanted to take his 4-year-old sister to the fast food chain because they wanted...
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