MG Kelly's Classic Hit List

M.G. Kelly began his radio career in 1970 while still a junior in high school. His first station was KTEN in Ada Oklahoma. There, Kelly played song dedications to schoolmates. A year later, He was hired by KOMA in Oklahoma City. While at KOMA, he came to the attention of radio mogul Lee Abrams who brought him to Cleveland in late 1972 for afternoon drive at WGCL-FM. The following year, radio consultant Kent Burkart presented Kelly to KSTP-FM in Minneapolis, as M.G. became part of the team that drove the 16th ranked station to number 2 in just 100 days. This dramatic ratings increase caught the attention of RKO Radio and 21-year-old Kelly was shooting straight to the legendary 93 KHJ in Los Angeles. The rest, as they say, it history...

In 1998, Kelly was inducted into The Nevada Broadcaster's Hall of Fame. The same year his work from KHJ was introduced at The Museum of Television and Radio in Los Angeles. Since 1998, Kelly produces and hosts what many in the radio industry call "the best works of his career." Kelly's "Classic Hit List" is heard heard on radio stations in America and around the world. We're stoked to have him as part of the WOLX lineup!

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