What Would You do for a Job? Teri's Talker "Tunes In" to One Example

What would you do to make your resume stand out? Teri's Talker on Monday

February 26, 2018
Job seeker sings for attention

You've probably heard about -- or may have even done it, yourself -- the job seeker offering something a little silly to get attention from a possible employer. I've also seen people follow-up an interview with a crazy care package. One was a cheese-focused gift from a reporter living in Wisconsin, but wanting to move up to a bigger market in California. Those of us in that newsroom sure enjoyed it! There's also the movie Legally Blonde, and Reese Witherspoon's character Elle, who adds fragrance to her resume to make it stand out.

You get the idea.

The thing is, we don't always know if the targeted person gets the resume or cheese. And probably more important, if the one behind the idea, gets the job!

Well, we talked about some of these ideas, including more of the funny ways people we know have tried to feature their search for a job during McGaw in the Morning. But Page, from Denver, may top the list for most creative cover letter. The 24 year old says, "I'm not boring, and my cover letter shouldn't be either." So, she showed off her talents in a very catchy tune, which has now been viewed 800,000+ times!

It's also been removed from the site where she originally posted it, so we can only assume she got the job?

Either way, you can still take a look at her "Hire Me" video, here.

Would YOU hire her?