What is "MAMA Cares" & Why YOU Should Care: Q&A with Robert J

MAMA Cares

February 15, 2018
Robert J and Teri Barr

What would you do if your loved one was diagnosed with a serious brain infection, and doctors suggested immediate surgery? If you are long-time, Madison-based musician Robert J, who dealt with this exact scenario two years ago when his son Jacy Ray had to have an emergency operation, you push ahead for the health of your child, and figure out the expenses later.

Unfortunately, the hospital bills added up, and even with a little bit of health insurance coverage, most of it would have to be paid personally by Robert J. Volunteers with the Madison Area Music Association (MAMAs) stepped in to lead a fundraising concert for the family, and once Jacy Ray received a clean bill of health, Robert J decided he wanted to help other musicians and artists in similar situations.

Listen, below, to my in-depth Q&A with Robert J as we talk about the way he turned worry into support by starting MAMA Cares, learn how you can get behind the effort, and hear his original song related to this experience. It is sure to touch your heart.


Q&A with Robert J about MAMA Cares