7 Months Later: Why I'm Thankful for You and Jim McGaw

A morning show can be a grind, but you make the early hours worth it

August 16, 2017
McGaw in the Morning, Jim and Teri, backstage at AtwoodFest, 2017

"Morning is wonderful. Its only drawback is that it comes at such an inconvenient time of day."

   - Glen Cook

Well, there it is for all the world to see -- writer Glen Cook nailed my feelings about getting up so early in the morning in two simple sentences. 

Our McGaw in the Morning show officially kicked off its run the week of January 15, 2017; yet seven months later, it isn't any easier to wake up when it's still dark out. Of course, there have been some unbelievably beautiful mornings when I realized later, it would've been a shame to miss the sunrise. But coming off more than 20 years of working what's considered the late shift in television news (often going to bed when I'm now getting up), it's a tough scheduling habit to break.

I must tell you, my co-host Jimmy McGaw, helps me cope. He isn't a morning person either, but you would never guess it. He greets me every single day with a huge smile, a wave, and he typically yells out over whatever song he may be jamming to in the studio, "How are you today? Good to see you!" His enthusiasm and energy is contagious, and I've often had people ask me if he's really that cheerful. Yes. Yes, he is...

We've also found we feed off of YOUR energy, and we've already been graced with some amazing regular listeners, including a few who call to check in, or chat about their own early morning. Tony calls us as he drives home from his overnight shift around Lodi. Tom calls to give us the latest happenings in Poynette. Kathy is a regular from Baraboo who often wishes us a good day on Facebook. And Paul just makes us laugh (along with a woman who only refers to herself at Jim's future wife). You are becoming our early morning family, and it's pretty special to be a part of it.

So, seven months after we began, we've had more highlights than lowlights, interviewed terrific talents with interesting stories, and enjoyed various opportunities to meet many of you, along with the excitement of giving away some pretty great prizes, too. Plus, the bonus of calling to let you know you won? It's all so worth it.

Thank you for welcoming McGaw in the Morning into your home, your car, your office, your barn -- wherever you may listen. The show wouldn't be the same without you.