You will find 400 times more germs in this place tahn a toilet seat...gross! Where?

Friday, August 17th


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To allow extra strain strain. We've my dog in the morning it's got. Morning truly don't just carrying gym every morning at 730. Call 664. Create your meal wanna wash your hands again. It's. No good time. Washing our hands which I'm leery despite. Where do you find 400 times more germs. That a toilet seats are. Hundred. Dollar in times. When I don't blame people for being in the you know in germ Forbes is a nasty things through Indiana is a fungus among suspects. Who were apparently hoopla and 400 times more germs. Call us and win the Johnny is Italian steakhouse 25 dollar gift certificate now with locations in middle and he in son Gregory. Nor Mickelson Gerri if it prior to do when you win the brains during it's gone in the morning. In the golf and series. Six hits in 94 and I don't. To regularly sprayed straight you called six explore one hour before and I hope you when they Johnny's Italian tomatoes gives him at what shirt. Your answer you'll find 400 times more germs. Learn toilet seat to this place. Yeah many thinking like that senior art TV multiple rule that's a good line line and it does germs all over that thing knocked Smith out my footwork in about three weeks. That it was to jerk me. Didn't germs like killed it's time that the U think you've heard of that study but we're glad all of that and why do you have a good weekend. We give back. Moments putting strains successful and point nine you'll find 400 times more germs got it on this sudden in the toilet seat. At a funeral parlor and funeral parlor room Lou. They could guess that and we will WLX green screen 6641 and when are you ready. Noise and. Not got to ask and so I'd feel every day. Does that everybody don't are you ready in all nobody does we got to go and no turning back now that. I think 400 times more germs and it's a toilet seat. Probably had to Russia. Wants to grow he just. That's a relief to again. It's all what do you think you're gonna find this is kind of a nasty question Aziz to see in the eighties and early you know Carolina matter I you're applying for. Athens more germs on this place in the mentor to seat. A little yes or handle what the guesses series so far just super Smart but still not yet still not. And it's I ain't here oh yeah happy Friday. Are all playing do you that I won't. The deal is brain street you're gonna find 400 times more germs this place in the sense that and a toilet seats move. Aren't any objection orange. Kitchen sponge another brilliant idea I'm sure that's true audience is so Smart move. We have proof every morning with our pretty strange exercise. But as a grown you have a good weekend man I'll thank you don't OK so I guess that was an Ngo and production why. I know gently drop hot. I'll tell you I didn't tell you wrote op opt opt. You'll let's bring in straight you've read the greens and answer hotline with Syrian gym at 6 o'clock a one minute we're not what sure answered this but you're gonna find 400 times more germs than you would wanna. Let's eat. Do more and not actually a gay man and you are already sure. Who ruled while Sampras Laver again she's dead certainly would kill your appetite. I'm always. Happy he had a good guess on which it was tense I really don't. Through our all our. And apparently felt and. No that's another logical guess is that hearing yes it is and they say don't take your cellphone into the bathroom with you. Oh well yeah yeah doubled the germs I guess he employees who were trying to keep healthy soon it's pretty noisy people locking in the bathroom and there's a click straight out of drop it someplace where. Yeah that everybody deals can actually be yucky WR like sprain strains 6641 and if we're trying to get a flight 400 times more germs. Then a toilet seat in this place. Paper currency. The Oman luring he who G. That's it's not easy either my mom I said don't put money in your balls all except it's. Your mom whispers he's using tear that ended up at that strip club to the backs of property and understood completely why it's. One huge links. WOL. I'll radio dot com station. W all of axis is going to be another marathon brain strain like when's it what do you think you're gonna find 400 times more germs. On this place than it would lose seats. Your your desk at work is that correct. Brain straight answer we'll bring Leon EC yeah yeah that's. It definitely motivate green red hot hot. Like Jerry Rice and answer at first I was surprised they thought not really think about all the people that come to your dad has to mean over your danced in. If the people that touch your day out okay Jim and I thank you we we yeah idea it's not up. This does not want to back off now who look you're has to work is the crack pretty strange answer. Hey you are so Smart move yourselves there we knew that the whole business. East DC got recalled from Stacy. Right now I'm mad at the very gang related gal. Be the good news to you than you winning the Brister in this morning Johnny's Italian steak does now Middleton and sullen. Prairie. None.