As you plan your summer vacationdestinations, remember, Georgia has had 9, Alabama had had 5, Texas and South Xarolina have had one and Wisconsin hasn't had any?

Tuesday, July 10th


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The WO Alexa brain strain was the guy on the morning is Wisconsin's morning trivia contest this morning's question as you plan your summer vacation destinations. Keep in mind nine of these this happened in Georgia five. Ivan Alabama won in South Carolina wanna Texas but none that have happened in Wisconsin Kerry knew the answer. For this morning's brain strain in one tickets for the was abuzz at the palace theater. Our third game not her chains are good again as sad that's what I thought people would guess you know we all heard there that they. Since Lorraine ECW let's bring you straight hello contestants. I don't mart in the morning is item Megan. And I knew worrying. He what do you think all these these things here ya know Georgia's denying the five and Alabama. Won in South Carolina won in Texas not an Wisconsin's. The world hair. 00 no good just don't agree gas egregious thanks for your call this morning. WLX and Marines strain hill. I don't good morning I don't believe who got delivered at a category five hurricane. Her game in the you're right they haven't thankfully I may not yet anyway. I don't know what are they doing out here. This is that the old WLX you're out at the batter up. We know what all right don't moan. And gas is just thank you for trying them it's actually. WLX brains Jane what do you think hurricane no that's a common nuts and an Internet arm is tilting to retire now thanks. Don't you all good morning. Look Oreo brilliantly got you on the ball and working with Megan like the students think that what you think to this question. Well I'm not sure I really love that can be had clearly an alligator crocodile attack it and is. A answer. Is he dear tanks is this series it did. It's trading at you know what inspired this question. I was telling meg I got out arrive home in a candidate my truck was being worked on in the caddie was telling me these are affixed. To her own. It's like these big did you like fifteen feet long oh my god in Florida animal routinely senses and in the trees so. Yeah you've not experienced a Gator chaser meaning have you know. Not what's your I'm do you need to we're excited for you what is your name. Karen tyranny and don't know band parent and component.