You are in a room with 70 people. zzThere is a 99.9 % chance that two of them have this in common. What?

Wednesday, November 1st


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Good morning from classic hits 94 point nine WO Alexa and on the morning. Jim and Jerry ticket your brain straight answers every morning at 730 and 6641. Got a point nine. Imus story probably we have beckoned math class that's. This morning's brain strain questioned you have seventy people in a room there's a 99.9. Percent chance that two Obama. Have something in common. What does that they haven't come on those two people and 99% nine chance that too little muggy seventy. Have this in common cause with your brain straight answer when tickets pretty painless Janis Joplin coming up November 12. At the Madison overtures that are from WO Alex that morning TW lives I don't. I'm good dividend Halloween. Sorry if he can't be left. I and Ed what in their country at all you know like etc. what ever it's not an apple event here a room with seventy people. There's a 99.9. Percent chance to of those people in that room who shares something in common. Let me get a beer up and left handed does a good guess but not quite cool. Boom. Sorry it takes to try Nat good yeah I just change your efforts man's. Prince strange question this morning at 66. Learn more than 100 rooms seventy. We'll hopefully to those people are going to be terrible thing you know there mind. Point 9% chance at least two of those people. We'll share something in Tom. Work being everything the C. Work her framework. Worked in the same job. Am one try not to do against but not him I don't know the answers this is bug me why I. I have wants you list lets you go the distance like yesterday that pool I think it kind. In a seventy people in a room 99.9 percent chance to of those people. We'll share something in common. Good morning my French hen. I'm I'm not edit it a little bit over here at Smart but I don't think I got Carter you dual. I think are you gonna be jockey on the answer you could it be kept our Eads to each year the seamer. Ian. That's. Yeah. And. Question delaying early yesterday I'm reluctant Holland yet I lead here yesterday and fought serie a ticket and your sleeping and again I don't know I would do I do business. I do not install on this. I'll lose a lot of those people at seventy Diebler Rome 99.9 percent chance to animals in the sea birds. Yeah okay off some ads are that I am glad I want to crack the you know I don't know I think I'll I've got there. Every job keep pregnant I present my. A hole yeah. The Angelo. NG.