Women say that man who obsess over this make the worst boyfriends...obsess over what ?

Friday, April 20th


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Classic hits 94 point nine WR like it's time for the Madonna the morning preen stream question along with Terry Barr answer these questions is 664. One on point nine win tickets for Brit tabloid the ultimate peak Floyd tribute show. May seventh an overture center women say amended obsess about this. The worst boyfriend he's. So guys that have sensible this. Are the worst possible boyfriends. Cause W your brain straight answer is 6641949. To WOLX. W Alex braves straight what you call good morning. Aren't. It's. What's your answer. Where are the snow comes that's our next stop car it's. How they're just clean Ninan Reena Ninan no you can not tell our trailer might be your only good for her bitter or. A true change it could be a truck like me I love my ultimate boy does Jim ever you keep dipping shiny and even though it's far from new it looks pretty good. You know and if I don't say anything he'll remind me take a look at my pretty sure if he can't yeah. He has not admitted taking all of her body you don't have what are drunken crowd I thought. Well yeah. Yeah I doubt I was he had to it and. Wow braids and glasses morning women does say the men obsessed with this make the worst kind of refreshments. Good morning W all of our laurels it's just only are me I am going to stayed there are broad beer Calder called bigger Jack up their truck yet. I'm not trucks do yeah. I had Jim people have been listening to you talk about your truck while my true love my truck I Tom I know that is not at Tony to think. Paris and Jody you're you're all sounds so disappointed. Aiming to break your heart here this morning and home of a good weekend Tony and pick. Pretty sweet let's in this nordic women save men obsessed with this make the worst kind of what difference. Every camera camera I obsessed with their Roy leads so yeah. Even to put. Ought a ought to stick to the I have nothing to say yeah we're speechless for the first time there or. Brings rain this morning women save men obsessed with those are the worst kind of boyfriends. I am sure all the obsessed with themselves. In line now that. I cannot be very manageable back really is very anxious. I that's coming from a gone yeah listen do little to do you know who you know. But that's out of that is a good answer. Think at all why would you you know it's interesting hits you're gonna really. W all I grade strain. Money obsessed with money like guys are. The guys are well you hope they're obsessed with the money for the girl. Didn't find her style helps yeah. We can make your own money we like the exterior bricks and thanks for a moment and they got WLX brings certain moments say that Minnesota's losers are the worst kind of what principal. Bodybuilder. That is not. Yet muscles. Now. All one man obsessed with their muscles like gosh I would never even thought of that are the worst kind of boyfriends. Wow. All open up all the time. I'm Doug and all that external occur to doom the on June. I am over here and I think that's that's that's they had a little low thermal coal hopes so women. Well I'll still after yup definitely. Lee why I knew a guy that did that all things tacitly bodybuilding and stuff. And he didn't in India what happened. He didn't keep an op ED got refer. To. Get it. Earlier I can't get any girls because he didn't need and keep working out yet or plan B a whole lot so yeah I. Looks like it up all the older ball Coke zero keep it up to reduce. I say. They turned a big flabby Michelin Man thinks. You're never gonna. Pop pop pop pop she's going to misled me who hold dear what's your name you got to this morning yeah well. Our Karl pull over you will a year.