Women say this is the biggest fashion mistake men will often make ?

Monday, April 23rd


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Classic hits 94 point nine WO elect human Gerry McCann on the morning with a brain string questioned this morning. Answer it 6641. Not for an eye when you get it figured out they are guys listen to today's question what would say this is the biggest. Fashion mystique. Men will often may push your brain strain good luck with the anterior WO Alex. Many four point nine W all like strange strange charisma and gone in the morning there is a good thing I had an. Coach and I might need to clean them national disaster and no I'm mumbling and none of them on the I won't let me count the number I like seeing him Jim I mean you need to stay home stay home or changer when things. It's women claim this is the biggest. Fashion mistake men often often relocation. Guys didn't know boy human claim this is the biggest fashion mistake now openly. When it's time does it tell us a 66 more. One honey for nine you'll win a brand new monkey it's. Almost coupons and they're saving you money over the side. Does the answer is 6641 anymore and I wind its honeymoon is your teary thank okay because of the on the brain strain all this week the biggest. Fashion mistakes and. Desert breeze. W illustrate say good morning the nor what do you think the biggest stash in the stigma men often makes you don't hold back. Don't know all the little I don't people. Yeah I'd be right back what about problem. And I say that's a bingo but I don't know the answer is well. Seemed an idol idol deal like they would do that well of course is or she when their black somebody. It says he likes cops saw Paul dear oh dear to complete idiots who went. And that I'm sorry guys that's not a good luck and that's that's that's the incidence you've really funny to. All Brad and I hit six yeah you reported they use so much I cannot do you do you do. Pretty strange question to be answered is 664 or many overnight women say it's the biggest extension mistake men make. Our world. He owner Stan or who. Am I should do their right now. How would she know that Dan Rooney will be out of the purchase a home meet in our best I did but it's a good reminder not hot not hot tips yeah I'm all very helpful reminder this morning. I'm 6194. Iron or you'll. No good it's the Simmons say it's the biggest fashion mystique men often mix. Try. Trying. Just try he is just trying to let the happy. And significant issue so stop trying he's a try just you know no. Yeah. That's funny six export one on the front nine is the biggest addition mistake according to women than men. Often all make. I must say weren Ratko ramble on my second time and Allen this morning tearing off her big mistake yet. And is not a good though either is all you know. And sandals in the summer and I I know never done that a number worn socks with the I haven't either work arena but yeah. You've seen it 20 yeah and none out and I'd see how. All thanks guys for not yet let me ask you zoom in its debut you've heard I'm wearing socks and I world while they're they're better. I don't mind. Four point nine U. Kristin Hahn. Classic (%expletive) study four point nine W elects its 740 nines. 34 degrees brain strain human following along with this is intriguing question here this morning what do you think the answers to this question women say it's the biggest fashion mistake men often makes. Color adults. Doesn't match the shoeless all gruden who. Give a lot of good fashion tips I yes are you writing notes down I am I will be sold ready for this eighties prom. Well that's when nothing mattered I took it and I'm not everybody would agree answers takes so my god you have a great day enjoy the weather. W always racing even follow along. I alluded to help Donovan relay didn't. John and I know women say the biggest fashion mistake mend will often make what do you think it is. And remove. Lisa wearing cheese should Wear jeans yeah I don't know where. What you're thinking oh but rarely take using heads of all over me. OK okay I'm warming into that easy but in my. Clear indication and chassis with fitness and some guys like panel pink thing that you can and lie Locke yeah. Some little things look good as you're done some people would agree some not so. Thanks for your call though people come and 6641 on before nitro is the question clemency it's also the biggest fashion mistakes a guy will make. Classic it's not a four point nine WLX during a lions sporting that we often do and the brits are hot hot hot and I yeah. Well when not to Wear own it on calling him anything. Women say this is the biggest check shouldn't miss it then men will often make a smooth frank gets beat it looks a tip you can't. We're learn in the what do you think. Water that's correct or that shift that's just too short a daily. Yeah. I have oh yeah okay that I would never guessed but that is generated and senator Lott and senator Nigerians seemed is really likes. 34 and you weren't like when he didn't call yeah. Could you could show off your black Sox what you're saying don't let. It gets hot yeah in Augusta or Jimmie they all mix and he's someone. Awesome I mean do a model lakers something with the spring flooding on him. Eat eat eat eat then that's correct answer we look at the breezed into the waiting I want her except that blue what's your name. And are. And brand new bucks ebooks for you Jason and asked him so much support aged and you print ads will probably be all dressed properly when he comes to join us at the prom through. Yeah it moved Jason nice dog ace in the breeze and he could see all those questions and answers. Posted for your convenience and demanded W or lacks dot com good mode.