WOLX Winner: "You are going to Graceland Jeff!"

Wednesday, November 8th

It's always fun when we get to call you, our listeners, to say, "You are our winner!" Jeff Johnston of Verona recently received one of these calls from Jim and I during McGaw in the Morning. And after providing the correct answer to a weekday "Brain Strain" question, Jeff's name was randomly drawn for a bonus grand prize:  a trip to Graceland in Memphis.

Here's the call. Have a wonderful time Jeff!



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64247. Degrees Terry would not call anybody up this early in the morning he was hesitate to do that because I would not into the cult that is why the money. I hear you know abuses there either but we would only want them with with good new leaks like this bringing. You can hear okay. The answer the phone won't hear the music game at what. This is big here off to Elvis off to all the slammed. I can't we're looking for each yes. Pretty poor and height Jack fix Terry Barr. And I'm sorry from a gun warning W directs. Nor do I do and good. Are you you sound happy why do you sound so happy. I shouldn't yeah I don't know these huge okay. Are great. And I'm just thinking like. Does he knows something mean I don't know you tell me oh Jill. Would you like to deliver the fabulous news to mr. Geoff Johnston of her grown out he'd Jaffe have you been to have you been to Graceland before. Never well you're you're destinies of ought to change here at. No at no way I know you fade wave away. Really ask all my goodness now you are. The and Elvis prize package winner obviously Ebert called that. We were giving away the Elvis lives in. We ask you ash and found that was a local show and and everybody was gonna get the chance to win a trip to Memphis to actually see Graceland. Guess liked it's you. Carl my good there. Jim you've you've you've made my day. On eBay that we. No that's all we ever really want to do you won anything or what's going on in your hat right now as we're telling you that's what he's thinking. Or I'll pack my bag like yeah. What Elvis fan deputy Elvis fan I I al-Qaeda cell that's there and if you're going to Gonzales could. All we want guys is photos and stories and we wanna hear all about it you bet ya happy now that would be amazing. I share well all. Okay well absolutely now we have to ask you do you have a favorite station. He had didn't think this guy who well why can't be yeah pulled out the text W all well. Little mom. And then fearful mind landfill move long. Mode. Law.