Who's McGaw in the Morning Sending to the Sting Show in Philly? Listen as we make the Call....

Thursday, September 6th

Who's McGaw in the Morning Sending to the Sting Show in Philly? Listen as we make the Call....

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It'll be in the forms. Academic and picking. We are looking for Diane water Ers. And water die he and mrs. jam and Terry from a gone the morning from a classic hits. 94 point nine WOLNX. How do I am a cucumber eats. Jim we have a special reason were calling right we do or die and we just didn't call you for the second and only when. We like to sit and chat with you like you probably. Wanna get to business. Okay. Is it true did you. Register yourself to win going to cease staying in Philadelphia. I get. You are going. Quite got the asked what do you think about that. I am outward half. And it's. Yeah. It. All my gosh OK so tell us why you like staying why he won a seat him have you ever seen him before. I have not a fighter first so exciting I've never seen him in concert is one of your differences yet. So what song do you hope he plays or do you not care. I really don't you heard it. These scenes. I know he's good isn't it odd that not all excited and shaking. I may today. Are you dead. And you get plane and hotel. And of course the tickets to show it's all included. Behalf I. I I do need to tell you the tickets for the show are not here yeah acts so they will let you know or you can always call and touch base to find out which. The plane and the hotel tickets are in house to view do you wanna come and pick those up. OK. And we do we really hope he'll ask for us because we would love to get a photo with you are I would that would be great. I. That's awesome sometime and we have to ask you think you winner today hard Daniel relaxed. Oh my gosh seriously you really excited about this I am and so claim to. Jim did you speechless I am just I mean shot or not. It's so funny trying to call you yesterday and we talked to me and and she said you're at a meet dean. So we swore her to secrecy and told her not to tell you we would call back this morning. I'm home again that's OK you have and it's simply because there are a lot of times we'll call winners and we don't always get them on the phone which is kind of a bomber. So when you answer I was like oh it's actually. The so congratulations. On saying we don't. You. Usually you'll never seen him now. And now it's on at the Kohl Center I'm gonna see you only ten years ago you down he was amazing. Moment. I'll be solid training. Not choose someone to go with the RI RT lab rat. You take time on my part I'll have an hour tells you how. As Jim always volunteers and he's busy you know he's certainly isn't that. And it. Please say hello when you come and pick up your activities and we really would love to. After the show here from viewing and tell us how it was if you have any photos you're willing to share anything like that are looking at definitely awesome. Well congratulations again Diane you're going to see sting and fill it out. I'll heroic. Wonderful excellent you. Have a wonderful day I will thank you. I hate it.