Who you gonna call? Wisconsin Ghostbusters!

Friday, May 18th

LISTEN:  Who you gonna call? Wisconsin Ghostbusters! Learn why you may not want to miss the team's efforts to eradicate ghosts and poltergeists at our 80s Prom!

Oh, yeah.

You'll also hear about the great things these "busters" are doing in our area.

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GP team will likely be a little. Goals Boston irons and she. C and brand of Wisconsin. Ghost busters on the phone any fan. Thank. Oh my gosh okay so I cannot wait to learn more about Wisconsin ghost busters where did this idea come from. It's been going on than the movie came out you don't hit goals but in general. Players they're making their equipment at the moment the movie they came out maybe four. I'd work on Google books that we have been around 2000 that. And I joined Glasscock. Over good for you okay this has got to be so much find what's your goal with a ghost busters decided all the fine. Mike poll tonight from the bottom guy in to help with fundraising. Give back to my community. We're looking at soldier in the band met and probably fired the next generation. Continue. I've got buster this year. So Jim I know you love movies I'm gonna have to ask both of you I saw the female version of ghost busters with my mom and of course we hollered all we thought it was awesome. But which one do you guys prefer he preferred the original or did you enjoy the leave me. I do prefer the original plan. Believe he knew one lead the reasons. I really enjoyed the character yet in my game I'll play golf. Officially hold men. I am a big crowd support he was one of the favorites. Did you what did you think did you get to see you. I was semi at night I did not see the reasons silently originals like him. I think I saw like three times you can take eight. Then the same period of the seventy who reads the LLC and if you want it to you would have by now anyway. You get around yeah. One of the couple. Yeah. Street and let's say mom what what will we see. You are joining us now like I don't wanna give away eldest surprises obviously because you're joining us at prom which is very appropriate since it's an eighties prom. But what some of what we might be able to see or expect from the ghost busters. Well we will be there in full year and a blatant control and act and everything. Kind of they're pulled off we get to meet people and and that hopefully spread the word a little bit that he did and stock only now. So great decoupling busted in light you don't surprise. Your company gut busters. Had we may have to. I'm is anyone going to be sea lion defense prong. He's trying. Yes I believe. NAFTA. I want as well you know I mean if I. That's why we have been through third world golf and possibly a 20 that is awesome if it happened though just make sure we get a sample. Oh love Barry dia de Palma guys. She's OK so say am I on what other events may be coming up where people can see you. We handled will be doing the relay for life in Clark County. August 3. And we are encouraging people to to join our team and helped donate you don't have to be a member of the accounting ghost busters that they can join the team. And I just coming out with us tonight then and be part of it. Hot fun. Yet in it we're really looking forward to it be west central Wisconsin got buses actually will I be joining us forward as well at all. Well there has been that clear area assault it whichever pretty decent pace group player I would say top. And then we also have an October we're going to be doing books and busters that they're both public library. We're going to be building proton packs with that with anyone that shored up our going to be building these out of things around from recyclable liked. Cereal boxes in the captain and that paper towel to do and what that. And then we'll also be handling flying with them and possibly going on a gold content. That's going to be a really fun event that or look. Or do we might have to joined now that it. It's pretty it's for always get Colin trying Goodman wrote down Actel glass Sam I have to say we probably don't care even if it were just for kids Jim and I think we're kids anyway. You know. Obviously I never did either don't worry and a write in with you and Sam tell us up for people listening where Ken may learn more about the Wisconsin ghost busters. The best places to find it on FaceBook they can look at output content ghost busters. We try to keep the news pretty up to date on there that her record dollar band. And then we've been posting anything else that we have going honor you know what we're looking out by them and future events Matt salt. I'm not on FaceBook is the best way to learn more. Excellent. Meantime we will see you Saturday night at the eighties. Prom. Sounds good we're looking forward to a Ali it's you know Sam brand to with the Wisconsin ghostbusters. They use Sam. Wolf thank you his Saturdays and. Our stingers. We gonna. Die easily gone. Up.