Who won the 1994 World Series ?

Friday, October 27th


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Classic hits out of Boyd RI and W all extent I am for the world famous the dog boarding pretty strange question along with dairy bar. Answer is 6641. To four and I with the World Series fever running high we thought we ability. World Series sports questions on the brain strains morning. Who won the 1994. World Series that is our Breen stream for you'll. With tickets for the eighties first is ninety's Halloween costume party at the majestic Saturday night with your brain straight answer again. 66 or one out of for an RW Ole LX. Good morning WL I. Rates are eighty golf succeeds. It's. I'm doing Brian come home. 94 World Series but through real regrets no search. Yes W all morning and played good good article it's. Yeah pretty good very good the good news. No I live Miami Dolphins Miami don't. We don't push me if these days outlook routing change what yeah. There you don't see how does agency's slow white guys underneath who won the 94 World Series of eastern questioning her Californians are. There where you're very demanding tour you don't like. Wait how how do you know that why do you know that we can as there are gesture yeah you're right on the ball. It's a trick question Jim sheet busted you Jim you tricky devils and I'm good at math but I'm no match Freel who you know. There was no world it is yeah. Good to let the college survey of its. Sherri.