Who will spend $469 on back-to-school supplies this year?

Thursday, August 2nd


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Should not be four point nine WO well extra strain strain. We're much going in the morning. Answer endless number 66 or when any 4:9. Questions this morning. Who will spin this. Dollar figure for you pretty cool cool spend. 416. Dollars. I'm back to school supplies and she her. There's your brain strain when the Whitney Houston did get to be spent a lot of money on back to school supplies and you can't afford tickets we have over the Whitney Houston story. It's over she says the greatest love of all that your Mick Austin interior take pride is on the brain strain this morning. W all I sprained straight good morning. Number one or are you are no not yet ask does spend 468. Dollars I'm back to school supplies and teachers the average teacher is the correct and green stream answer. Oh and your entrepreneurial. Holy crap. She. And her answer it you're abroad abroad it's like Goodell who wants to do you got in on the first try. I'm out here yes you are are you did me in schools not even says she knew I think it's rare mood Blair yeah. That train journey that. I heard is. You're and sit there and how will this work now do you hang up I agreed. I know. A lot of. And we congratulate you all over over and make you famous yeah so OK okay yeah this guy's daughter first guest this morning you're. Is where you from our brands and from Madison.