Who is the "Dead Guy in the Envelope?" Well, this is a first! Jerry from Prairie du Sac SINGS his well thought-out guess to Jim and Teri

Thursday, May 10th

LISTEN:  Who is the "Dead Guy in the Envelope?" We play this guessing-game during every McGaw in the Morning Show.

But, this is a first!

Jerry from Prairie du Sac SINGS his well thought-out guess to Jim and Teri...


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Let's do Marty. Dormant and her little. Role. While. An entry re. Pretty good. And it actually talking to where you from. Here at bear ski error now. I am here in her room or sat and such cities great and I. Have housing went out there this morning Mary. Poor quality okay Dan little calmer than yesterday. Or not. Yeah like we have a good in Egypt you hear this yet he's sound he's very with them to really do okay me right now you Jerry. Now. And I would do or can you buying. Trainer caught buying. Are liking it and you know. Your music. Paths. That Jim what do you think like that lie to you and Mary. Oh OK. The man. I did the mayor and it it can't be random. You got one call record HIV. Aids you can. Now that you go to goal line it was a green it would go on until 21. I hope not you've been soliciting you know I want this done. Yeah turner. So I look at what I know I don't know what's got Wall Street. So that tells me it's that involve a small half Rahul. Shekel one it's not. Yet got an amber glow. Such gathered via letter or something involving litter. Down by idea old Winger who no longer. All I lose ignorant than any of my mind wrong. I followed the wrong. How emotional. And it optional and it's all good. It even gives me the reason why your off guard. On. Ice. Yeah it it your fault let's let it affect us strength and equal okay and in the not too many people well. Got a letter to the war it was well spot gold haul he was straight and neatly written culture and Regis better. Record or other behind a way to expenses. Eight in the collar. Well I'm on TV here a little quote Leo and I can't we are. Yeah the boiler. Europeans see at least our bonds. And sit and you just got my attention. He expects his Florida. Yes. On Null. Knoll yeah there is a lot of your. Wanted to speak to his. Ex ZT I thought they had to because that I what. Read your boss at the contest is sketchy edit connection with this song she turned down a better job. City value he wanted somebody else. On light. We tell him net I. Kind of Leon's theory nice broadly. Okay I'm analogue now. If it at all of them on Notre Dame. Pondering a lot where you access. Or have won it all game. Yeah our air and water. Really. Intriguing marriage or entertaining and intriguing legally tenable wa. Our series money you rock have a one dollar today and GM. You rocked too when I guess we can't keep rocket Rowland with this morning we won't do that he'd rock and his eyes. Or it. I. You out. There.