What did you receive as a kid & what does the Tooth Fairy now give your kids?

Thursday, March 1st

LISTEN: Jim and Teri talk about the new Tooth Fairy survey -- What did you receive as a kid & what does the Tooth Fairy now give your kids?


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Under the lonely hearts here on classic hits an 84 point nine WOLXU. A with Madonna morning talking more about things like. Owner of a lonely too. He did yeah. New survey Alex and and very curious to see what attack. Parents. Of young kids right now we found you deal with the Tooth Fairy. These days what do you actually give dean has a Tooth Fairy and did you even do this. Anymore you know looking into the history they're not even sure how the idea of a Tooth Fairy began. But Jim I think you and I both a Tooth Fairy didn't win Tooth Fairy Easter Bunny are not sent Claussen when did you get from the Tooth Fairy that do you remember I thought it seemed like a very lucrative financial opportunities I would like harass the neighborhood bully to give pudge been for. Didn't I mean that's all he lost earning neatly boxed which he could really get that much for two with sheen's it was it to a quarter lose two out and of course and you recant that was a lot puck but it just can't escape. And OK I I can't laugh because I think the most divert effort tooth was maybe. A dollar. Now has up and I know that that wasn't bad I didn't think my parents felt bad because I did embraces when I was a kid. So some of my teeth had to be pulled out for braces and I think they just felt pants so that's partly why I got a little extra money. But at this news survey is actually done by a dental group. And it's as. That two very used to be much more generous. Let the average pay out now has fallen by 53 cents it's down to get this gym. Four dollars and thirteen cents for a tooth while a lot I think that's a bad then and then I was racan ethnic and Matt and and they're saying most parents that they talked to for the survey. Have kids that are six to twelve years old. Am totally dig the idea of the Tooth Fairy. Let's see it's. 465. Depending upon where you live. Kids in the north east. That's what they were dating and then around like 435. If you live in the in the midwest and in the south they're giving only 412. But. Used to be six dollars for the very first tooth and in the cash would go down from there. Cell. I guess the Tooth Fairy is not keeping out. With pay outs and we would let him in the house well and let us know you're dealing and yeah how your tooth fairies.