What 80's movie song hit number one 34 years ago this month and stayed there for three weeks?

Friday, August 3rd


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Yeah 94 point nine WOLX. Brings strain. We've mud dog in the morning with. This morning trivia contest is only. A classic gets down to four point nine don't feel like so we go Jerry. Why I mean these movies song hit number one. 34 years ago this month and stayed there for three weeks. Rather impressive. Ellis is six explore what I did when I got to the Whitney Houston stories to. Greatest low ball all your tickets with your correct brain straight answer W always praised trade taped you for color 6641 before and what eighty's police song. I hit number 134 years ago this month stay there for three weeks. It will be strong. And I mean no good just the most extreme moment WL it's pretty straight good morning. Or. Good Dottie thanks for color 664194934. Years ago all one movie song hit number 133 years ago this month stay there for three weeks. Re really. Not calm when we did that tell you lots. And there. I trust gases yes. Yeah oh yeah. Yeah I don't know that you didn't hit it didn't and now. Bat and I didn't days. And it was definitely. Not put her up. There. Are some things we know it unitary. Who that's who did perform publicly in a little long now thanks very dry and only love. All you might have a good weekend telling. WR like sprains strains six explore wanted to put I would not the only answer. 34 years ago. This month does that movie song hit number once stayed there for three weeks. And could dampen. Only music good distance from trowel really good gas WZLX screens screen this movies on the tip number 134. Years ago this month Steve there for three weeks. It did Whitney and our ability on the boon no sir good and I asked. Oh and the video alleged brains sprinkle six explore when and if we're not we could tell us what movie song yet no 134 years ago this month stayed there for three incredible weeks. Protesters ghostbusters as I please don't call. We could call the brain streamed live I guess is that we have done. And you said that like no problem had even think about it that's that's the answer good job that's a great movie. Off a song to be and knowing that movie's kind of a classic is an edge. Or are you Anna Mary good who is this where you Collins from. Okay. More resilient can move a lesson is it.