We will consume 35,000 of these in our lifetime...

Wednesday, November 30th


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Madison's home for the holidays classic hits 94 point nine W Olin lacks much on the morning with a forecast of rain may be some snow makes dinner Saturday around forty. 33 degrees we will refreshing. During the holiday season eighteen cans of jolly good soda or your favorite flavors or pack. The holiday variety pack plus tickets but the palace theater in Wisconsin Dells to see miracle on 34 street. Dinner included if you could answer the brain strain question this morning we will consume 35000. Of these in our lifetime. 35000. You know the answer call me too late won the 194 and I didn't win the brain strain. This classic hits now before calling iron W. All LX. 733 brains shrink question we will consume 35000 of these in our lifetime. Eminem's not I wish he created good guest thinks meant. W all I sprain strain what do you think. Are. No good guess they'll WLX three straight. Good morning. I Noll. Who. Think you. Yeah that's his home for the holidays classic hit study four point nine W well like smoke on the morning green screen question. We'll conserve or consume 35000. Of these. In our lifetime interesting guesses it's okay it's usual no outs fighters. Mostly be live with the Addams Family up fresh fruit. I help the answer and belt which from Lavelle. You've got this what is the answer yeah it is cookies bet you go into the Palace Theatre Wisconsin Dells enjoy a miracle on 34 street. And dinner and all that jolly good soda eighteen cans the holiday gift pack from jolly good for doubtful WOLX.