We spend 25 hours a year doing what ?

Tuesday, May 15th


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Classic hits 94 point nine WO expert on the morning timid Gerri with your brain strain question for this morning. Good for a world's largest drug test fund to back prod bucks right passes and more answered this question correctly. 664190. Porn I'm in you will we is we waste 25 dollars a year. Dylan that's. What do we waste 25 dollars a year doing. Collison answer and winner at the brain drain blood from W all LX. He girlfriend famous teams is on the flu we have. Good morning to famous teams I'm sure that's anti OK Jim so all know we weighs 25 dollars a year do in this. I must say waiting her lion. Think in the DMV probably alone replica it grocery store. All things. I WLX rays street we waste once and hours a year on this. Are. Why our what was take dad technically it was looking for a parking spots that works it's the same thing yeah. Oh yeah cool like Ecstasy cool do you do what I. It's what's your name. Greater. I'll come up and.