AS we head for a :Best of 90's weekend, name 3 popular, long running T.V. shows that ended in the 90's ?

Friday, March 16th


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Classic hits study four point nine WR lexicon aborted due to Gerri with this morning's. Green screen question time for your morning dose of BS. Insert 6641. Got a Ford I'd answer correctly and winner who has got beat of the American Heart Association. Healthy Stanley diets cookbook. Question this morning would get ready for a best of the nineties weekend today at 3 o'clock with chase with some ninety's brain strain flavor here. Lot of our long moron highly popular TV show as well off the air in the ninety's he had a final. Episodes. Name three. Name three along Ron popular TV shows. That went off in the ninety's we have a list of several. You name three annual when the brain strain this morning at 6641. Out of four and I did WOLX. Indian name. On several long running popular TV shows that ended in the nineties TV game three. Friend. Dole we outline oh I don't know there. The net charge that got little. And I enjoy yeah seat belt line and Nancy she's making a comeback and ABC and I think anybody who wish you happy saint patty's day. I agree I again hope to do some uncooked eggs don't realize that we strain your brain this morning. Good morning and yeah. We're a lot of. Popular TV shows that day. I and and I would put it. I think that that I did exactly what yeah. CN. We're. Taking up this company. And ABC. That song flawless. Once again. You know you know there's three right there. It's. Nice though I did to. It's pretty. And it is. Not easy to miss tonight's. I. Don't want to we'd be happy to. And you know yesterday. Happy aren't easy one much. The previous record in previous record was one hour. It's instantly yeah. And I can't do that. I broke my.