Under 4% of this in the world are this,,,what?

Tuesday, July 17th


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Let us review the WOLX. Brain strain it was kansans boarding trivia. Tough 1 this morning question was under 4%. Of the world's populations. Is this. After many fantastic dancer is sandy baton from French ships figured out statistics show that under 4% of our one of these. We know all the well yeah well I gotta get Soria got oh we thought you might. Not. I'm negative guy who would have to good gas. Boom. You cannot do OK so what's the yes I'm pretty well haven't you people that you're trying to have a good day now. At all is red carpet. No that's always likes Allen Jim O'Neill sprain strain near six explore wanted to and I we are so glad you called. Personal stats show that under 4% of us are one of the heat's. Pre nine smooth reunited lady and not hit the month following why now blood type green on yeah. Could it be let's find out you win the title run during tickets. Six explorer when any for an I was sure yes. My guesses. Less than 4% are allergic to Netflix whose. Food allergies. Portability of their another Greek dairy they come to the basket and yet these are pretty amazing as I can say that any one of these could be right but you're saying they're not cut. Thanks for Collins here. Alex brains street hello it's me. Or does he taught her hunger and. Yeah I got a guy. He's pretty amazing. You're pretty amazing you be more amazing if you wind but it's holes to give as the season what do you make what do you order. Orders who. The spirit nominates a good just so cold it is really gets. Thank you for try Paula sorry I have a good Monday though. W old LA. Sprain strains its explorer 19400 top rung during tickets. What do you think the answer is stats personal stats under 4% of us are this. Who attended. Who live in Houston. Millions returned to. Stand up that opportunity now thinks anyways Levine yeah exactly oh boy it. And if we had we appreciate the calls here this morning at 66 moral and any port my stats show Bristol cents or 4% of us are in this. Auto brought it. Who would bully you your soul on the right track. We got on the phone or we all hard it is to get three on try to guess. And in the right direction for Ali yeah. Cashed I really I don't problem. And you are right dared his aides he has short hair flip it's it's it's a hairy coolest kids. All we are all this year you'd. Try one more time. Our parent. Our camper here cap no hair. I. Yeah I'm no help I don't I don't I don't know let the answer is an I don't know where you are seen at my stats yeah you see today that was amazing call us back if you if you think you got it figured out about it and hear it he's got the hint now you do what's journey. My name and I'm a cancer we we love you and will be called back yeah AG hole. So the be all ex braves strain hello it's me six explore wanted to for an illegal. Are you Doug what do you think what do you think to this question. IA if they get the top form but my guess. It's going to be illegal because one person. Just one person in your lion who had you only done man. I waited a bit different now. A hot hot all. Okay that answer is the best of the day right there but Cabrera I'm good why you're not think you series is Jim is asking you that and think and own now Jim don't ask me. He had assumed yeah juniors so it's a good answer back to him did take me anywhere. A wonderful day please do. Wrong. WLI screens during hello it's me 664 so we kind of remind their your what's your answer. How about you hadn't. Nobody here. It's a gimmick here. But not tried yet. Thank you want to do more time. Why are unemployed at the new only it's yeah it. He's giving you a bonus guess. I don't I'm and I. Like I know your color. Is it is is here collar. Well Newton almost. Connor. No. No no legal expert in all. The dealings braves trade talks what to start the week you're 66419 point nine. Are yeah let me let me expand his question hopefully make a little easier. Worldwide. Stats. Were talking the whole planet moon who Soledad now under 4%. Are this. I know it yet LDB. Old home to try this morning. Really wanna give it eSATA rendering tickets for September 11 if your him what do you think. It naturally we are. Boy and write dear tell all natural the natural. Error. Calmer youngster thought he asks is that it's natural a certain color are. Not. What do you think somebody you're right on the trust. We aren't Mara could well it is less what color. We're not. There you go. There is natural blonde that it really is there as well worldwide you're talking here so there is under 4% of the popularly. So there's a lot of bottle blondes. Aren't there to pick up. And cool and lobster I've earned my favorite all of and you are old. Food. And yeah not glad you all might die ash I think it's like. Yeah we had a body a little bit. I know you're in the other lady and it's good to know. Where they know that here you are not what it really appreciate single out Spain healing your answers think you so much what's your name. He said he.