By the time you are 25, you will have owned 25 of these. 25 what ?

Wednesday, September 20th


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Classic hits and a four point nine W Olin lacks world famous look on the morning mainstream questioned teary bar but the time you're 25 years old. You'll have owned. 25 of the east 25. Oval what it's all sub 6641. Out of port I would win that budget book would this morning's. Mean strange question on WO Alex good morning it's the W Rolex. You strain at six yeah. I didn't want to point oh yeah. Little black book presumably you'll. Early 45 it's. And so I thought well. Your behavior in the end I guarantee every time it's played for us. And I. 866 more one on one line answered restrained glad to talk to. Hey let's it's like yeah. Will probably be better journal front. Oh. There's a lot. Got together and it was important yeah. Okay thanks Paul ever thought that both you guys to 66 when not if we're not by the time you're 25. You'll port 25. Of these 25 before that are great street question. Well I didn't go in unsafe because I go out and it is some lessons. So let's this is the correct Princeton is ditto who acts seize the assets we were looking for wow. That would go down in flames quickly. I have Zapata. That's out just what we are all us dollar on I don't know why. Hands duct tape together. Sunglasses is the correct breed students period and now there's a right to you. Yeah top man at the post. I own no absolutely 45 sunglasses but it sounds boring I'm probably definitely out probably two or three a year is going man what's your name. Let.