Of the three most recognizable smells in the world, coffee is number one, peanut butter is number two. What is number three ?

Wednesday, February 21st


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Classic hits 94 point nine W elects Terry this morning using not only are the brain but dug the nose for the brain strain questions. Question this morning news survey the three most recognizable smells in the world luckiest. No doubt about that as we know it was fun while Terry yes first on the list is coffee. Second is peanut butter what is the third. Third most recognizable smell in the world to. Let's get the answer here it's 664. One body for I would a bulky book when you do guesses that this question this morning Terry what do what are some of cocaine while we jam a long list of amazing guesses starting with. Rotten eggs. Let's see hot core group. How loud it cigarettes. We also have and I don't you like this wine nicks and vapor were I don't get to several calls about that lunch I'll bet eight gain. Mark said cinnamon Pam said gasoline. Mom Lynn burger she is we also have. Let's see fresh cut grass assets Suzanne rules. Lou it says. Thank you mark for that's the clock. Were baking bread. Com although I think you won just say pumpkin pie didn't you look like hell yeah you sit eat I think you dislike anything baking in the kitchen yuk it then how order. And chalk cliffs. Brenda. With how old men nor are up OK so Jim. I science's brain. Anywhere from komen new worker escaped Diana waters knew the answer Terry from Oxford cracked dancer the third most recognizable spill in the world. Diane dad despite a little Valentine's he's got a dozen roses so. The roses and your drag brains straight answer everybody thanks to plan along is always a WLX.