Those with this profession are the most likely to get speeding tickets?

Friday, December 15th


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This is home for the holidays and had a four point nine W Alexis but not a morning Jim and Gerri what this morning's brain strained. You can answer it 66419. Point nine when you answer correctly which you probably will you'll when he Jung's garden center. 25 dollar gift card berth. Dinkins bridge hits it straight winter question this morning who knows what's this profession. Tend to get. The most speeding tickets. America those who do this prolific and ticket to get. The most speeding tickets there's your brain strain tall little wind we wish you good luck from a good on the morning at WO Alex. Hey good morning W Lomax doesn't do. My goodness it's. Not a very good plumber on grant insists she plumber didn't cramp. Yeah. And all of that fits almost one in the singer and business. Arnold here has tried Joan yeah. Have a great. Sixty or 100 we're trying to answer the green screen. Oh believe correctly unlike Joba yeah. And as for a living at the most likely to get a speeding ticket. Everything picture to cure it always. Gotten decrypt it ever does he wanna get a terrible facet high. I en us try it and now I see that's that's wrong. Z I read that right which he won Nat gas I wouldn't you guys and you see things the ball he has some things for trying money. You have you're getting up kept well we still lobby little clock marry me Friday. Those that do this for a living and most likely to get a speeding ticket. So I had like rock. All would take advantage of their status need to turn on their bikes even when a guy emerges and the other stuff and it says the Connecticut. Even it. Like my abdominal was I thought that might be until the dust on yeah. I. Really need you know you all happy day. Yeah no end we brought you Merry Christmas to you get. Ripped by and good morning is the W olive green screen you ready. We did sweetness and ready. And consequently I injected into the hole. Muslim holiday season these people who do this for this reliving the most likely to get a speeding tickets. OK Bret Boone. Yeah and maybe that's specifically. Remember the little little masterpiece clip. It's it's called ask you to get a base. But doctor. Doctor he is the directory tree so it is about our current. Where. Looter and sell all of those patients waiting on knew exactly what I. Love how you held us in suspense by getting your hands are battling to Harare well and. Yeah I think they say about it well he'd do the yards dance. Samsung hasn't had stances are what they're doing 95 iron about my kids. And I and then. Yeah. I think you're right after your lucky during the day fifty million between her and and general. And rub it up for. All of strictly I'm glad I might actually be speeds to get to me as quickly as possible it could hit it I. They're very they're very good. It beat Chicago for the. Remember all right very you know and then they speak are dead and actually does what action it straight and he says and I'm mentioning that my attacking duo could lead late in the middle. And helping the big hit you can go straight away or whatever all of my energy to do all. Not I think he's been.