They Say It's Your Birthday! Jim & Teri tell you how to join the celebration

Monday, June 11th

LISTEN:  They Say It's Your Birthday! Jim & Teri tell you how to join the celebration... (you could win cheesecake!)


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Good morning this is W or Lexus Barrymore and hello how are you happy Monday teach you when you grow. Up and up. Is this sack happy in Berra Lou see a bit yeah. Hey you're. All you calling two out wish you good day era happy birthday you're just. Get some nice reading your agent they don't even have to be nice site has I feel Monday it is. I love how amazed at what I have to do my name to go sweetie I love it. And then I got Q is currently error my sister Renee Graham he would do this school. And their secret spot your husband are in June torn her all that's. Hasta. Well guess like you just entered them into the birthday contest. Well no idea asks I'm very. Happy my gosh they used so much for calling in and Jim I love cabbies wish to every one to have a wonderful Monday. Spread the word camped out there some days I think we can all use that (%expletive) all right all right walk. I'll happy day you you have a wonderful day to. You don't you're not on a zoo in Obama probably they will win campy take you to Ruth group could add yeah. I want power no kidding the the easy that is not I didn't. Every day at this time give us Paul wish somebody and I stay happy birthday gets entered into our birthday contest. Or you can just go to WOLX that come to register yourself. And yet you could wind cheese cake delivered by Jim and I eight. From Ruth's Chris steak house. On the west side Madison. Mom deals get a gift card with that we're just having fun celebrating you follow and go all previous nights that we promised not to eat the tees it to the current. I don't know I don't know why should promise that I love cheese K Richardson will try ninety do you have a. Ten in a row all day.