Talking to Yourself -- Out Loud? Why it may be a Good Thing.

Wednesday, April 11th

LISTEN:  The Romantics sang, "I hear the secrets that you keep, when you're talking in your sleep." But what if you are talking to yourself -- out loud -- and you are wide awake? Turns out, it's not a bad thing! Jim and I talked about it, and included the information from a new study, along with our own "talking" habits...  


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Classic hits in 94 point nine WOL excellent on the morning Jim Carrey it is now seen 9:12. On a Wednesday morning. Channel we mentioned this earlier sometimes. Use it by a person. And also they're talking out loud. Have you noticed an and you look and you wonder OD and the final. Are easy you know listening to someone worse it's going to and then you realize now they're they're talking to them so I'll just lost their mind annual. You do that every now and then. Usually what you are doing is it's so you can talk yourself through a procedure. And channel or computers and equipment only and do this and click here friends. And then it's some of the work in the icons and yeah yeah yeah. That that is pretty funny but you know what I noticed and is she coming from a newsroom. As you write a story. People often re keep to themselves their own story their own writing. And I can't you doing that when you're reading you're the at all. I don't think you reach your email that he or what when your writing you don't read a lot of them probably shouldn't should be. Seemed warm. Thoughts from the underdog at this. Well and made feel normal like if you're actually reading a book in your reading the book out loud to somebody but on. Now we're finding out if adults are doing this he can't quite figure out why they're talking out loud. It's actually a good thing. It's a benefit according Jews and Nouri search which indicates. That you'll actually commit the information. So Jim for you if you're trying to figure out how to work with the computer system and you're saying. Okay I'm gonna do this and then I'll do this and then I'll do best. According to the study it says you will be comedian that information to your long term memory because you're saying that outline how to retain that is viewed. As a met on sound you're going the ninety minute. It's. The so what you see EB information saying the information and you appearance. And you see things. The birdie and hit it that Ellington you're now known sorry him.