In a survey. American were asked what famous person would they share a hot dog with?

Tuesday, July 11th


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Classic hits 94 point nine WO likes it is time for the world famous movie on the morning green street question they took a survey are nothing too serious here this. We're not dead serious sum it up in the morning. Lighthearted stuff they asked Americans the famous person to keep they would most like to share their hot dog with. Tell us who now lives in 664. What I for an Iowa City to see Gordon Lightfoot. Can share your hot dog with him September 16 capitol theatre if the overture center that is your brain street price for your correct answer. Allen who. And then this. Not to correct and that would be a fascinating dinner and discussion to what net yeah. Wow you know on all the almost like hot dogs you know he liked those peanut butter banana sandwiches and hook I don't know. Oh. Yeah I gotta go hostility was due to heart I didn't let. WL I. Sprains strains exe thrown in for hundreds of analog and Americans all agreed on who they'd like to share their hot dog when what Siemens person. There will be brutal home alone there's any small right now on the all star game that's created him senator you think baseball you think hot dogs and. I guess. Cellular lacks good morning as the mainstream success wouldn't let me ask Americans what famous person I'd like to share I don't. Aren't you need to do aren't too. Yeah. I. Texas and clients are the Marines drove it. Six is more when you are not the Americans did. Most Americans I answered the same person that they cheered her hot dog went to him towards what I think it. And anyways it is Betty White student here unless you O'Hara got she would be able laugh I asked. Odd I think at Betty White would be a good lunch date with how he what's he what's your name like me eighteen.