A study showa 50% of people would like to do this at home...what?

Thursday, July 12th


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94 point nine WO well extreme strain. We mud going in the morning. There are questions in the morning call this number 664. When many for an answer correctly you're off to the palace theater repeat performance of the wizard on. Here's the question for this morning. He and I never studied 50% of people say they wish. They can do this. All right and new study 50% of people say they wish they can do. Cause of your answer we are standing by look good for a year yes that's 6641. And he poured on and gone a morning tee and in a row all day. I see kids not B four point now. You know Alan thanks. Prosecute study four point nine W or Lex repeating her. Raised in this morning just rolled around his top on the shower this study 50% of people Sydney wish. They keep doing this and home. Which they could do a dismal WX. Brains strain your honor what your guests. Bear where were or were grim. Working at home. CE my guests to own gives people like to do that I hi we can broadcast the show from homes near the particular jammies cute jacket assimilate it lakers. Could get this man not body of things for your call this morning. Brain strain answer hotline I don't. Blow. What do you think 50% of people and is studying music at this. The to be believing I guess there's nobody who moved I agree. And in service of these tickets to the senate. It gives of classic hits 94 point nine W toilets on the morning tearing gym with your brain strain question we've. Poses Morey could answer 6641949. Win those wizard of concert tickets and the palace theater in new study. He's 2% of people save me wish that you just. To listen hold. Are aware work at all. As far leanings. Sure as succeeds it shows the studies that exe is higher more than 50% of the people want a workable. And I may sent sexually. Classic hits 94 point nine W Alexa Terry gym and on the morning good morning 65 decreased military still some patchy fog here and there. 755. The brains shrink question this morning sometimes we find these. These surveys these studies of they're not too boring in the. Lull you back to sleep we share and greens ratings funny new study shows up 50% of people say they would rather they wish that you'd just do this at home. Is dual at a home if they could. What is what is that they wish they could do at home. Their own and your plea apart from their heart Eric. A hall clock ICC's writes. I'm so how does the in this study showed it. Does sleep in separate beds from there speak policy now own instead. What's your read street answering yeah. Yeah. Sleep in separate beds from their spouse Terry isn't for me. Don't imagine there to have such percent of people wanna separate beds while I think he said you know what do you do to knock on the door. Connie how are you up in for a visit visit you got hot hot hot hot you're gonna give up a lot in like old TV show Ali. A little twin beds in the may what was up with that I don't know it. That was for TV ratings is telling us. So they out work okayed that to actually be on television as a family show how I wonder how the Walton said all those kids and they were. Plus plus yeah. When they were sleeping and so when Ben do you or production. Well that's.