Some might consider him a "One Hit Wonder" for his only one solo hit in 1976 yet his former band had 7 top ten hits and were inducted into thr Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame...

Friday, July 14th


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Classic hits 94 point nine W all blacks were every morning at 730. It's the most on the morning brings strange question with Terry Barr. This morning we explore the topic of one hit wonders as we head toward WLX. One hit wonder weekend. This guy could be considered a one hit wonder because of his solo career with only. One hit. In 1976. Although is former BM did very well they had seven top ten hits in what into the rock and roll hall of fame. Who is this so called one hit wonder. The win tickets were anything but. A one hit wonder Gordon Lightfoot plays the capitol theater in Madison we have your tickets is your brain strain prize answer in win. At 6641. Tiny board I. Good Laurie W all sprains strains 66419. Point nine thought he's so career totally is a one hit wonder what we'll do this weekend but his former band is in the rock and roll hall of fame they had a bunch of hits who's this guy. Out humor me Chang. Some room. And on it mounted a trial of it has great gas 664149. When he gives his dream stream questioned one hit wonder weekend coming up this weekend this solo career total one hit wonder what is. Former V and the guy in the rock and roll hall of fame with a bunch of hits who's the guy but it don't envision no blues and would guess it was the only thing content and somebody always sprain strains of 6401 are you are the ones who are under your arm. And ready to win barter or paid a question this morning Los solo career this guy total one hit wonder status just. One song and 76 but his former DN a whole bunch of hits her in the rock and roll hall of fame who's the guy door. No all. No sir. Couple. Good Laurie W Rolex how are you. Good get a letter not you know what 1976. Sort of career classifies him as a one hit wonder what we're doing all weekend. Is that one hit the 76 but his former band they are amazingly had a bunch of top ten hits in there in the rock and roll hall of Famer who is this. Well I'm gonna guess John Sebastian John Sebastian. Right it is. Well bin Laden's proposal to build apps that would just. Hey why don't get it later try to figure out who had instead been I think he had like to welcome back cutters that's the law aren't you yes or any us all look at our. Saw the number one song in the 760 boy did they learn on this show yeah yeah I think children welcome bench batter all. It's on me TV no way to get a W me TV girls look at this boy unfortunately that 10%. And a lot of problems I think two of them are bigger. Have passed away and unreal amount Epstein and horseshoe Acker bulls yeah yeah media principle it yeah I mean early symptoms principal or whatever but it. John Sebastian the easiest who were looking for a welcome back Cotter seamy elements who informally dubbed her huge slick guy yeah. Yeah don't even read that additional studies at the Jindal wants to keep trying to don't get it in case you mentioned that it wouldn't you know it can occur in doubt that. Rock and roll hall of famers and I'm bunching hits just John Sebastien just that one song but the good song welcome back our number one TV show too so he was. Hooked up with some pretty special her. This guy.