Royal Wedding Watch. Jim and Teri talk about it. The Queen would NOT approve

Tuesday, May 15th

LISTEN:  Jim and Teri talk about the Royal Wedding Watch. We're pretty sure the Queen would not approve.


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And she will be. Wisconsin and I'm. Okay Jim and I. More myself in June the couple got excited since many of us and you. All of us are talking about that they've ruled hill that Venus. And we've decided to have our own little Rock Hill when dean watch. Buying. Sharing a few notes of things we've learned and it's typical. Either Jim what's it sound like it was hasn't canceled if it's very different in you know we can talk about T Al por Macon Markel were dad is in a little bit of a trouble. With the paparazzi he lives in Mexico you know help. And he was going to walk her down the high heel but now bear a home discussion is his on her mother probably will do the walking because. Kia got paid for. Opposed he did with some photos from the paparazzi but enough that you don't like to we're gonna get on to some of the things that we actually care about it. Did you know Jim as a wedding is just a few days away now on our prom day. On May nineteenth did you know that Nagin is now the oldest. Royal bride at age 36. Is her name that is writes that by their standards that's that's all I have sold needs the details now all my IRY all get back up and I think you back it up over there for the fifth OK now both for propose. Seen. Prince Harry. Of course he had to ask Megan's mother. But get this he also had to ask the queen. If this wedding would be okay heavy get her approval had to get her approval when edited illegal before judge you. That's out of and there is a dress code especially for the man and you know the women are going to be dressed to the nines but the man. Heavy dress code and it's noted on the wedding invitation men have to either where a long suit coat. One of those that kind of wraps the way down in your legs whipped a very splashy tie. Or what they called there in morning suit as an MOR and ING now mourning like your sad. That is a coat with details. With big grey striped pants. And then cats are optional and that's all again that's for the men. What do you think Jim sounds pretty swanky. And one more for you today may gain is going to give a speech. At the reception. That never happens there it's always the men. And the guys that are part of the wedding party they give a speech they say she is actually going to give the bigger speech of anyone. Wonder what she's gonna say agent known I would my advice to her does it really bombed a. Maybe due to do that there I don't let the weddings beat diseases and handle this load the it's. Nikki you heard a funeral I ever have done a Q I'm only until of course as a DJ and many weddings in Tennessee and a few of the one thing that receptionist is. Amazing is gonna it's gonna laugh my act Jesse gearan. And Jesse outward DJ for our big RD. Prompt you want to hire Jesse the week. Prom night in the dells it's Chris if the cause the grand in the egg in the crystal room again. Xena crystal enrollment period at buffalo fail a year ago if you don't like any of these wedding rules for the royal wedding we have no rules at all we're gonna we're gonna knock it on the part Jim the crazier the better as our rules yup with Jesse Harris did all the eighties hits. In her eighties drama and Saturday nights with WO Alex. To give him. It's still it's. TV. We have.