Research shows that children with this in common beave badly. What is it?

Monday, November 13th


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Classic hits any four point nine WO elects the guy on the morning Jim and Ontario bar every morning at 730 we asked the world famous. Greens drain questions mornings correct answer good trade Dunkin' Donuts gift card they're adult delicious coffee and torrents from Dunkin' Donuts 6641 out of what I to answer this question children with this in common. Tend to behave badly so the wouldn't it be leaving leaving children. Share this in common. There's your brain stream question tally your brain strain answer this is the dollar annual ice grains. You're glad it's all kinds words we're all pretty good out there a mile victory Ali yeah. Not pretty good swings and into the great. Nutrient mainstream now. They hit a middle finger. I could just like. And all that during that game is tradition. And at the moment is always. 6641 on board cyanide you called we picked up to what you're pretty straight answers this morning. There are already here rented children grew. Wolves ovals but it could be Null and that's not have a good guess that the 08. Monday six and slow one I'm trying to answer this morning's question. Children like this in common the most likely children to miss and he. I simply. Just that until solid with a simple. The parent well. I'm not an only child by. Paired they have. They have put runners yeah it's fair to argue and fight west you'd find with palm kind of headed in the right direction no. Who might have solved moved try again try again I boarding EW Orleans pretty strange sixty sore when I put on the number you just call this. Children to have this a dollar more likely to Miss Piggy. And middle child. Concludes her out god I don't really do know what you inherited an opportunity except unborn child alone. Wow a million. And I knew about it and you don't you know well but you know Heidi that's what you are this you aboard. I would be aren't really. All that's funny and she admitted. Idol I'll admit this gym trying to get that kind of means a lot of me in I'm like I'm not telling you do that terrible. So this resurgence is true accurate yeah. Who thinks oh my gosh we go what did you name naughty girl at the eighty units at.