Relationship experts say 7 out of 10 men have done this just to keep their partner happy...what?

Wednesday, June 13th


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PW oil likes green straight up the post these on the website here W or likes to account as we know your morning's little frantic. Babies slept in the juggernaut every game here at W all Alexa dot com this morning's questioned. Dreaded unfamiliar groaned for many of us relationship expert pollsters. Say that seven in ten min in the have done this just to keep their part of her. Happy. What was it Collison with your answer let's listen in to this morning's breaking stream from a guy on the morning on W Ole L. XW. Always great. Straight we take you first of all for college when you do. Good up later really good old do you think you're you're relationship right now we got to seven in ten guys just have done this in a relationship just to keep their partner. Throw up on the couch slug Doug. Secretly. That and if you didn't ask our. I like guys Hillary is not at least it wasn't out in the dog how do you know that there are things being around ten. Hutton oh W illustrates the relationship experts are saying incentive ten min. The pathetic feet slipped. It's. A two. When it gets back to back. Excellent yes yes. Right when knocked it right to okay we're. Trying to get to those summer has taken 66 more womanly form I 710 men have done this is to keep their partner happy in the relationship what do you think it is very agree much. That's a ball he hits it it's easier that way. And at the class. My gosh that's funny I I was that was there and it's a that's really got it and he's right. Right for the race and I think he's running over all of Disney doesn't agree that didn't they you know this morning. And do people get beat and well tell us. Right answer to those scenes are yours seven to ten men have done this relationship just. Did you don't turn your head. More pretended to enjoy that don't actually cool yeah. Okay let viewers he was. How can look hopeful. We'll we'll look no bidding Jim's face is red right now is our our the only way I mean I switch it guys Terry get it does do is really Arnie yeah. And have been very honest and yeah. The uninteresting dancers hi. WR sprains strains seeks explore what LeBron did our due. Weren't they seven in ten guys have done this in your relationships. According to our relationship experts just to keep their partner happy yeah. Older she's perfect and everywhere he. Who no idea that it could duplicate her whirlwind of someone really says that's the whole you know only common. And Jim are you taking notes I now we're where we're helping the Brothers are good I'm. Or her right leg and another real world of the Brothers they're looking at did not easy to say that's your co. Workers. Are your perfect in every well. And I. Do you mean tennis sorry yeah. It's not sent ten men have done this in a relationship just keeps their partner hit. How about lose weight and some weak some fool from now alone between. So don't look at all and WLX racer at heart yeah. Are pretty good or are you good you wanna go to summer just I sure do you know you got tickets with your current three straight in Jerusalem. Bob rock barn door to door outta there that you like a little more they didn't even like Ali. Is the drug free I don't beat well I am surprised by the answer active. I had alienated even care board is to keep their partner him. Not. All all seven and man that does. I've I've done in my eyes how you're really OJ and that is a bit later in AZ oh my god said Murray pillars of the from those chicks like seat belts to guys like you don't loan that's true yeah most guys don't like those daily turn on the losing currency in euros six flexor read what's that magazine and. Cosmopolitan and I. You ask. Super yeah. You're. I had well played this morning Judy felon from very dissect she knew the answer to the brain strain she winds. Tickets for Milwaukee's summer fest world's. Largest music festival came away with a WO Alex.