Planes for Florida, Trains for Jim to play with, and automobiles for our musical guest to get here in.

Thursday, February 15th


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Miss going in the morning with the gym but gone and Terry Ryan and Terry speaking of classics and I have some good for middle aged guys who can afford a flashy new sports car I have an idea. Oh boy are we talking planes flew to Florida that. It constrains freedom playlist. Buchanan automobiles for our. Musical guests to get here at the end of all I'm not going to tell you Jim because. He'll get all flustered and somebody then you'll enjoy a and so all of you will have to tune in to see who the the musical guests surprised to Virginia. Heard resistant to. Latency in the morning can't wait to see you guess meg going in the morning weekdays 530 to ten on classic it's 94 point 9 WOO am lacks.