People say this is the number one thing they wish had never been invented ?

Friday, August 18th


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Classic hits 94 point nine WO elects the Madonna adorning greens stringing question but we do every morning at 730. Yes as a few stories to tell garrison Keeler at three Stephens field and Allison your tickets for that September 2 shell. Your correct re a straight answer to this question this morning people say this is the number one thing they wished had never been in this. Is she could do without that so that number one thing people which was number intent. Carlos has 6641949. To make your greens drain guess. In what is good morning it's a W a nice greens dream this morning this is the number one thing people wished there was never invent the car car. I thought the number but a good landing where you'll look if you are thirteen year right there we'll be in better shape. Unless. Roberts let's get a good guess he does he demands a lightening and. And lighting guy tall six export 194 and I could be enlightening two's hit. Prevented what could that be about an animal. With us. And then there's this one what the shocking gives us 6641 I part I had people was this this has never been there and not wanting people which was never knew that the Internet. Lot of things going on the and a half but he isn't life and the tough part it IP you know how he feels much. Yeah yes. Annualized rate is facing 64194. I don't wanna get dizzy answer. Thought people in a loser may wish this is the number one thing that it might never ever been in his. I'm not in the bars all the time that it. I've seen some pretty sloppy drunk singing karaoke. Karaoke is the number one thing people which was never doubted you gotta he's gotten into them down on what he had this answer right. You don't let tearing up yeah I could sell one some sloppy bar patron is Nancy just aren't about sings the wind beneath my wings. They also think they can because they hit serve. It will last and the messiness. Well I I could I could die a happy man I never heard that song sung karaoke style again it's the various guys. Blog called liar you're gonna see garrison Keeler of Korea stream dries nice.