People are spending :04 longer at this place than 5 years ago because of texting. What is the place ?

Monday, August 14th


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Classic hits 94 point nine W all elects the world famous. We'll go all in the morning brain stream question every week 730 with teary bar. This morning we ask you people on average spend four seconds longer. At his place and they did just five years ago. The cause of texting. What's the place where look good for. For three straight answer is 6641. Eye for an item in the final. Four pack of tickets. For the was gases state fair with your brain straight answer good morning it's. W always pretty serenely. Aren't we invited all the leaks people spend an average of four seconds. Did five years ago because of texting what is the place orders and I'm trying to figure that we don't go straight through. Holding up the other Americans are. Epithet that's ethnic that's. That's a good out certain that it. It's not a good yet so I am a great gap smaller military weak and sick and it WL it's pretty serious it's excellent corner and his son. Social media sandy. The hot hot. An actor. And don't look yeah. Derry as it's. A very big. Elements and I don't. Please try this. Yeah I agree we gotten. WLX rays say 66 or one hour before I use social media savvy. Yeah well I heard what here's OK here's the thing and people spent an average of four seconds longer this plays in the did just five years ago. Because of texting and what is the you can bathroom. And now was my most news oh yeah well I know and do work they don't get government were writing me. Exactly he's an. Yeah I'm I'm. And it wouldn't miss it it's something I don't say it about community. And W or sprains strains 66419. People are ready market for now he knew this question. Are struggling every four seconds longer hurt at this place. Than they did tiger's older cousin of texting or just didn't. Thought I don't know I didn't that add Bob Langer in the car in the Kansas like you got to NCA. Yeah. This is you. Don't move you know why. Yeah. And I'm just really just seen where you. I love and bound and gagged and helping you endearing funny when I meandered there at that battered Aaron well when. Solved. You don't want couch you know talk about a brain strain in what awaited like really kind of cracked down on what the answer is us on the net. I think kind of quiet or aborted the husband did date provide any answers for you are they not in times. Now look you at all until they are wrong all right yes when many could tell them listings not to do with it it hit it it'll brain strain brainy yet the list. It's a business. Did render it out.