over the course of summer, American will consume over 40 million pounds of what?

Tuesday, July 3rd


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Thanks resolve it by Gary WO elects to account refine the rain strains posted every single morning. This morning's rush Hitler talk about some big appetites. Over the course of summer Americans will consume over forty million pounds of get in their boat knew the answer. Marshmallows. Americans will consume over forty Collins of marshmallows in the summer. As a whole Lotta stores. Don't you'll like it or. Good morning and you know all years the first guess is they try to make it in the sport. In general. At port he chief law what do you think today. Question over the course of the summer Americans consume. To admit it's a that's a lot over forty million pounds of of warped. I saw my you know I was gonna say hi died nugget yes. Thanks for right now well into his fourth team. W likes brain strain over the course of summer Americans look at who over forty million pounds. Of blocked. They kitten and little bacon. Yeah but it's delicious this year and so far hot dogs in the in bacon you're making us hungry but still no. Aches and happy fourth to. Have a wonderful fourth BC financial. W elect sprees during good morning. What do you think to this question over forty million college that this will be consumed over the over the summer by Americans. Water. Watermelons. To bottom this is one tasty mainstream as it. We got they get hot dogs hot dogs bacon and watermelon it's like got good for the July 8 that. Is safe and Clinton go out there. Happy fourth to you. Thanks for. Yeah. I. League in make ends with this morning pretty cool. Means the summer. Americans consume over forty million pounds of. I actually. I weren't saying extreme market check out. You've dean Acela that we are talking about that in the studio has good stuff. Making me hungry in this instance not bad either here or are already Gerald and city there are a few good guesses thanks for try and body of the hole. Over forty million dollars will be consumed by Americans over the course of summer and that's our brain straight what's your brain enhancer. Welcome our Megyn good. I say my favorite chocolate and a lot of our Evans. All boy you're moving into some vocal this at all. Hello you're policies. Aren't. Yeah. It right. There at the handle it and yet urge is is that correct answer. While it at this. It's like Marshall seemed to wait. Until March looks.