Over 30 % of men say they fear this...fear what ?

Thursday, February 1st


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Classic kids study four point nine W elect's mood on the morning. You look voluntary bar with the brain strain question for this morning answered 664. What 949 answered correctly you're off to the data cinch camper and RV show hole over 30% of method actually admit. They fear this call us up with your answer at W all X gone barring VW Hollis Marines train you are ready to insert yeah. And going to the doctor going to the doctor I think that's a great answer jam just over 30% of men fear this. Going to die and I know I know it applies to jam this. Oh yeah I'm gonna think of I got them myself I. I'm I don't with a with a good reasons I did not actually know it's only reason why I say that yes thanks for trying to yeah here rule WL a strange strange 6641. Night court I just over 30% in here yeah. Are murdered or rude girl. And losing their health how. Where there are another good guess not it's not thoroughly. At all W illustrates drink all 6641 tiny furniture cancer who moved here just over 30% man seen here this. We think. You be talking to the DJ at the radio. So yeah happy. Hey you dared. Ask Larry there is a good morning W always dreamed strain on Jim and Terry. Did you tell us until. The fuel just over three resentment fears this here are not known how did nothing pertains. Target makes money he's terrible problem it was a rare earth loses their years how she. Yeah money to try though I'll tell you all screens yeah. Wouldn't. And amend fear this. Are. Completely could be. And I know what hearsay and hi I came home one day find ours all over the floor of the kitchen. Who is it staying that way for like three days and then one day came home and it was all back into the fixed and you've worked again. I couldn't confidently. I did ask Eddie Cross. They had prevailed and the buttons you know is that said he is not any. That's my favorite guests of the day right now garbage disposal against Arabs and calling man don't you don't like greens are Angel 664194. Yeah it's still dreams. News I would okay well I'm. And. I'll plan I'm gonna. So you. Don't turn not to be a tough. On this morning he or she changed over 3% of men fear there's that's our brains 36641949. And burger barn well you're not alone. Or 30% and and tears then sort it all involves second district of hair loss to new Tonya Johnson takes. Soak and W always sprain strains 66 or one hour before I turn out to be tough one to 30% of men peerless seed. We don't know where orange losing a lot of Long Island who client's hand. We've just been out there yeah that's. Is there no Powell Cheney don't you'll sprains strains its explorer one got if we're not just over 30% of men fear this. Guy or woman well if it's. Right now we're getting into the nitty gritty of it yeah. Nice Dolan Shannon beaches Belleville she got it figured out correct answer to the green strings warning over 30% of men nick. Dear this is dancing given way to go Janet here ought to be medicine. Camper and RV show this weekend courtesy of W law lacks in your correct. Pretty straight answer and.