Only 2% of the population has this?

Friday, November 10th


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Classic hits 94 point nine W or Lex looked on the morning Jim and teary time for our morning green strange question. You've got to edit a package of Johnson Bill Brock but wait there's L'Oreal qualified to win the sizzle and sausage Johnson's deal green it'll. We will draw the winner later on this morning is all this week's brain strain winners. Question this morning it's 664109. We absolutely very elite group of people in our world only 2% of our population. And business. And your brain strain what is that don't ice brain drain your first what do you think only 2% of our population has only 2% very small group of people. At number. We oral or. If you should not Deere does it feel that would not. Now might be true my friend. And it's still a deal is bridge street 664194. And I'd only. Percent of the population I have this a very small group that. But that. Veterans depth slow. All tomorrow's veterans day all of that some really nice answer not a cent an hour salute to the veterans ghastly we say thank you this morning to model that's everywhere in town to bring in Hanna not the right answer the things Burnett. He's 66 more wanted to try to answer this question only 2% of the population Pam this is it O landline telephone you know that was my guest is Terry earlier this or. Lose hands and not obviously not you and I think alike be afraid could yeah. Yeah I I would be very very young brains drained only 2% of the population here of this green eyes and green I zips. Is it. I would never have guessed that only dupers did you agree nice I now. Have what what what are yours like brown blue. Ball and minor blew a case against the red blood shot red a and I saw that racer what Donna plagues. We knew that they were top does that we did an easy one could stop. All howl. What's her name march gilt peppered.