Only 17 % of people still use one of these to communicate ?

Thursday, January 25th


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Classic hits and a four point nine W alikes guy in the morning. Jim and Terry. With the brain strain every morning at 730 we give you some of the talk about it work. Good then your boss at his long lunch breaks and give you fantastic prize on the cost some prize tickets to see James Taylor. GT sweet Baby James which body rated summer fest in Milwaukee on June 28. Your question this morning only 70% of people still use one of these communicates. Its kind of old fashioned. Call and tell it to win we are waiting for your call an answer and what you'll Alex. They're older land early morning. Good morning T you glad that we're in children Geithner how something like 21 night it is who. Since the great strain is where did you hear that question did I did only 70% of people still use one of these to communicate I don't wanna control group. I remember landline and light bulb but I doubt good guess what about Michael complained about it what was so important for me. Given continued to number two little point on no yeah. It'll still open to her recently hit a pair could could could get the and have a wonderful day out on stage do you know. Six is more when I declined to answer the question this morning which is the brain strain questions only 70%. Ha ha ha I still use one of these to communicate it's probably a line. Lynn lines believing get so far easier to approve Nolan be my guess well I think that's what I was going to say 20 yeah yeah used to get seriously I'm. Wow 6641 and if we're not to talk to Jim materially leveling you do brain strain question this morning only 70% of people still use one of these that communicates. Equipment or NY times leading the pack here tear each year and it's not a and it's not said how could. Up a little meeting the cancers but it's not the correct answer no offense went that's like Jim alleges news thank you think you've forgotten but probably yeah. OW. Alex brains drained good for James Taylor Bonnie Raitt summer fest tickets this morning at six explorer yet known pressure warning until practice here. 70% only 70% of people still use one of these to communicate all their act machine. Texas lose an original answer tearing that's a gradient. Agree sold so far we have landline and fax machine. I can't flip phone and foot fall so where does fax machine fall in this community. WLX braids. Small minds hearing them right. And currently no really you're headed to. Your right to hear your soul right there. Well I'm not on the HL and I'm uncomfortable. It's funny home see the brain strain judges that we got to give specific or or or maybe the economy. Would hate cute girl broke the Alipay deal we don't we get a lot more dry what do you think. Let the think about what you said fern a bunch of first guests and I didn't. Liked the sum here. Eastern time I'll. All aspects if you hit WLX sixty sore when I before nine only 70% of people still use one of these communities that's most artists who Gregory and her.