One in Three women will cry when they see this...see what?

Monday, July 2nd


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So you notice it's all have big Jerry WO elect stack sound pretty screens on demand for your convenience. Smartest questions answered skillfully. By Scott Peterson of medicine what are the three women all cry when they see this is Scott knew Adele was let's listen in. WLX according to ID call. Are thin air what you think to this question. Barbara real wedding aren't letting the rings of good guests thinks for Colin get this back in the groove you're not just don't think you'll. WLX brain strain good morning. They're marrying you and good to hear from you what do you think the answer is. Let me get it and she. Romantic kick correct movie I try islanders early and and every. Now all of those Chick Flicks off. Then make you cry ally here us here are romantic get harder to. That's not but I'm glad you called have a wonderful fourth of July oh yeah W Alexa brains strain one of three women will cry when these when these let's. Popping all too little Fuzzy talk clock. Yeah against me and not at all thanks for trying to our newborn baby at all yeah that'll do they like those newborn babies. Good I just bought quite yet those are you have a wonderful fourth of July. All I'm always hearing keyed a little on the Bret Ingraham kiss I don't letting. All that does it every time does that. Do you wanna treat women will cry when they see does not the admin of a brilliant brain strange especially since world a lot of practice. Extra dollar to. Tell you all eyes did Marty deal. Aren't they how you doing this morning. Per your current carrier needs you your question. Particularly pleasing one of three women will cry. When they see business. Unit who want to look in the mirror and here wrinkle her purse when they see their very first wrinkle. Don't try America if there is TrueCrypt this isn't getting B and you know I hate I was seeing all his men my graduation picture placed like got those. When they call that got those crows feet last lions are now I think you don't think it shows character cold chill. Corner or maybe they don't agree on us. At a we'll eyes gone this warriors their first wrinkle is that correct brain straight answers we had back in the spring stream grew here's think you'll.