One in four women has has this happen while attending a wedding?

Monday, June 11th


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Welcome to W Rolex dot com this is rarely post Steve green screens every day the question this morning. Was sworn in for women have had this happen while attending the wedding. Carl over for Brooklyn new would now why does say he wins tickets to summer fest from W all XWR. Grace. I did more ideal. Good morning how was your weekend include real geared more years she thinks Preston mud where you had a wedding many chances we can't go to work the company what I don't yeah. I. And. I'm nice I'm nice and RadioShack there and order don't know what I'm totally new Hassan. Yeah I do. And so many young opponents for women have had this happened while attending a winning rethink your proposed do. All he had pulled up high hopes to do with the lord and let you know. It was in the mood for love. Those that happens I could just his. Wrong are you thank you wow you do have a great day visit us at W on the screens Jane you are on the spot eager what is for letting women have had this happened while attending a wedding instead German builder drink I don't know I thought saloon yes that happens yeah. I yeah I'm moving in the marine since real athlete and a I know would I do your best Dresser being like they had knowledge just don't let our well. There aren't a real life story for you Jammer right here it's too much of that inheritance but not all of this is your answer this morning. One of four women have had this happen we'll attending a wedding is every strange question here six explore woman before nine what do you think. Commented that does significant other. No sir food that's a good lung health district court where Indy where there those guys went all the wedding wedding crash and I think I I'm happy my guys it's a good movie. I got an employed against its slim. Celebrating the. Yeah that's definitely isn't on the. I think you'll. Braves and he picked up that want to what is more women of errors happen while attending a wedding reported a record. Where its order yet wherein the same madrassas someone else near yup that's exactly what he managed he I'm a bit and just probably not as the brought it. The powerful if I'm wrong and really be confusing for the for the groom that's not what else is all. And the truth yeah. You see it and got a man wearing the same dress the someone else in attendance from whom I got that yeah about that happens what's your name are important more than one and four yeah yeah I would think to be higher than that. There are.