In a new survey of women, over half said a "real man" should never be afraid of this, afraid of what?

Friday, August 17th


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Classic hits many four point nine W Ole LX with our brain strain every morning Wisconsin's morning trivia contest. We congratulate Tony bless to all of Lisbon who found success this morning. What is correct answer to our question a little over half infect 52% women in the survey set a real man would would never be afraid of this. Or a real man ever be a free dove. Let's listen to all the answers and please answer that one in dinner from Johnny's Italian steakhouse on the Syrian. Do you think that women see in his new survey and a half over half the women see a real man would never be afraid of what. Darker a hopeful are you afraid of the dark you know I do hotspots hot idea you don't see your little. I am afraid of the dark conversely to that dog her daughter's experience. Chances. Right here isn't that that sure I don't laundry never give it up. On three I don't well my laundry is pretty scary yeah. This suggests that's an awesome again. Annually Springsteen honey do it. All our. Hey Tony what you think we're gauging real men on this morning is news or entrances over half the women think the real man's never be afraid of war. You know I'm actually. Right now I don't care what age you are I think it's normal for everybody to get rid of wow I see you have gotten so I think it. Agree totally is that it always the one I would say wouldn't you agree and don't be afraid to tell that I dare. And it really that's it there is there's the winner. K I'm not TV. Tigers. Had. Against big teams might all play. It's they can't do it well written about it. Oh yeah yeah I think we ain't that just shows us we better listen to the elderly in our families we.