In A new survey, when you inviye a woman to your house, this is her number one turn-oo ?

Friday, February 9th


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Classic hits 94 point nine W elect spoke on the morning Jim and Jerry dime for your morning yes. Debris stream question and answer it's 6641. Bunny porn I'd answer correctly 125 dollar gift card too quick trip. Question this morning are Casanova is. Wanna be Casanova is listen up Valentine's Day next week. When you invite a woman over to your hosts what is their number one turn off half the thing that turns them off the most you should know this. Colin tell us the number one turn off for a woman. When you viner already you're glad this is your brain strain questioned Ed W Ole LXW. Let's bring eastern. The pain everywhere. And now the resemble that remark. People know when you can. Don't sit right there that's what we can sometimes see a lot here streaming you know your home at night. I noticed any it's her constantly it's. Not a against the menacing green Disney ABC. Thanks for your participation. I can measure raised this morning invite a lady over here Hollis what is the biggest turnoff for her for kicking chairs or the yeah that's at all. OJ on the you know another long winded just pulling your legs aren't enough hot hot hot yeah you're right about that I've made that mistake once and I guess. As not a good idea not a good idea whom she an American now knock is not the answer but I love that answer saying to you you know I think they're out there you I guess you guys are given our our male audience a lot of good advice of his heart. Untreated it's an anti no it's easier to Michelle yeah it's all right you got it the next few. Op they have you as a helper saint Peter looked it up and get all I have. WL I sprain strain you are on. I don't. Sure sure dirty dishes in the sink ships at that but yeah I know a girl I'd still mortar rounds I Dugard as she sure all hull now sits. Out of those any day of around who. George dinky mean enough well. Yeah okay Jim this isn't about yeah now yeah. Six season when out of an irony here already or violent or near homes and why what's the biggest hurdles for her interpreter what does it create what clemency to turn on all of that it. You know I know. Growing does it fit into that that I did he adds that's not at all Terry's right distance and not totally out of and it tells happened yeah. I. Can't become somebody your legs braves traded by the woman already are Hollis what's the biggest turn off to a. Aren't dirty bathrooms eternal C. Dirty dishes dirty bathroom those are all good dirty toilet seat in particular billion pounds and handles their own good advice guys listed on there you wanna have any of these. Thanks for a dry eye in the brain straits to a lot of the don't have Ian and Terry who pay teacher everybody keep track today clip tribute to our 66 point 19490 invite a woman over your house was maybe you're going to for Valentine's Day next week you can lose survey uses the biggest turn off. The woman right now I'm glad you wouldn't from the local water try to like maybe your neighbor lubricant and. The correct answer all stealing your neighbors why is files. Shots. I don't I'm not mad. All of that is played a lot of people do this couple. Million drew tried a lot of people use. Join me and while ladies soul like Dan it's a big turn on. And gyms and coming your house and I say Kennedy you're out Wi-Fi eight insult and then you look at me and go. Looms. From Mexico yeah yeah just discuss hit the neighbors are now and those yes. Well undermine what you don't from my phone similar can be over very good and they wanna use it don't thing. Are you know I don't know this like it's part of the visiting anybody anywhere you go now. Gerard quite password. I'm Gloria hypocritical. In that could hit it yet this drug dancer you are a ladies man and he will. I'll officially declare the idea now officially declare hi hey ladies man that. They had nice dogs weren't all really good job.