A new survey shows people think this is the most uncivilized thing we can do in public. What is it?

Monday, October 9th


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Classic can't study four point nine W all likes time for the world famous logo on the morning greens stream questions along with Terry Barr answered 6641. And a point nine answer correctly and where it appeared tickets to see Elvis lives. And the players signed Peter imported goods and with a dinner in your chance to qualify to win a trip to. Graceland in better place. Question this morning no survey shows that people think this is the hope published uncivilized. Things we do in public. There's your brain strain questioned this survey says this is the most uncivilized. Thing we do in public it what do you think dancer and. What are the general gained it in close order and is so. Fat and do it and I do better yeah that's terrible order. Oddly so you don't do it smell like in the I. I asked some people this weekend learning their. Jenny hands out washing on the side can coop and actually. Passed and silent sounds comfortable yeah. You would be comfortable that I can't look what's your name's Jeff.